Decorating With Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are a wonderful decorative investment for your home, and are known for their quality and durability. If you are considering adding an Oriental rug to your home, learn the many ways you can display it so it not only looks amazing, but lasts a long time.

Antique or silk rugs

Silk and antique rugs should not be placed in an area with heavy traffic, since the tender fibers and colors can become worn and faded. It is best to display these types of Oriental rugs on your walls or even on a table top (such as a home office desk or a reading table), where they can be enjoyed without being trampled upon. Make sure you hang these types of rugs in a room where they get plenty of ventilation, since moisture can destroy them quickly.

Large rugs

If you have a large Oriental rug, then you have many opportunities to let it take center stage in any room of your home. The thicker the material, the more suited your rug is for heavier traffic, so place thinner area rugs in dining areas, and thicker rugs in living rooms or hallways. To keep your rugs from moving around, place carpet padding underneath them so they stay in one place. Oriental rugs are vibrant and threaded with many hues and designs, so don't be afraid to let your rug be the main decor of any room it is placed in. Gold, bronze, and silver vases; candle sticks; and low lighting are beautiful accent pieces you can add to any room to make this type of rug stand out.

Small rugs

The great thing about smaller rugs is their versatility when used in the home. Many people are afraid to buy smaller Oriental rugs because they don't know how they can best display them in the home. 3'x5' and 4'x6' rugs, as well as thin runners, are popular sizes for smaller Oriental rugs. Don't be afraid to place a runner in your hallway or other heavier traffic area of your home, as long as it's not directly in a main entryway. This helps prevent sun damage from windows, and stains from shoes as people first walk in your door. Rugs can also be placed on dining room tables or hung on a wall. You can even use smaller Oriental rugs in your kitchen or bathroom to add glamorous decoration to these rooms. If placing an Oriental rug in your bathroom, make sure you use a fan for ventilation to prevent moisture damage to the tender fibers.

When you add an Oriental rug in your home, you can enjoy the beauty as well as the versatility it can provide at the same time. As long as you care for your rug, it should last for many years as a wonderful display piece. For more information, contact a local retailer like Imperial Rug Galleries Limited.