Creating The Perfect Kitchen Nook

Sometimes it just seems like a lot of work to have everyone eating at the formal dining room table. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just create the perfect breakfast nook in your kitchen? Here you will find ideas for the best tables to use for your casual space.

Color Matters

If you check out pictures of dining rooms, you will notice an overwhelming number of dark wood tables. A casual dining table is going to be a lighter color, like maple. Your table can be made out of any other type of wood, such as oak or cherry. Simply make sure that the stain is a light, comfortable color.

Another option is to choose a table that has been painted. White or off-white can be very trendy for a kitchen nook. Just stay away from dark colors unless the rest of your kitchen is light and airy.

Size Matters

You do not want a large kitchen table. This is meant to be a small, intimate, casual space. Small round tables are perfect for a kitchen table. You do want the table to be sturdy, so make sure that you are getting a quality piece.

It is okay to get a kitchen table that can extend its size. It could be helpful if you are having a large dinner party and need space at both the formal dining room table and at the kitchen table as well.

Comfort Matters

A breakfast nook is supposed to be comfortable. You don't have to get the chairs that come with the table. You can mix and match different chairs from different dining sets to find the right one for you.

Many people find that having a bench at the kitchen table gives them the comfort they need. The bench can either be built into the wall or just pushed up against it. A cushioned bench is very comfortable, and adding some pillows to the bench help create a casual look and feel.  

People Matter

You do need to know how many people you want your table to seat, especially if you are going to choose a round table. If you only need space for four people you can have a round table that is either 3' with a pedestal base of 4' with leg seats.

If you need to seat six people than choose a 5' table with a pedestal base. A 5' table with legs will only seat four people.

By following these tips you will be able to create the perfect casual kitchen nook.