How To Remove Cat Scratches From Your Leather Furniture

Leather furniture can be an attractive addition to your home. If you care for the leather right, the furniture can last a lifetime. However, you might not be the only one who finds the furniture attractive. Cats are known to develop a liking for using leather furniture as a scratching post, and this can quickly turn the lush and shiny appearance of leather into a pitted and worn look. Fortunately, there are options you can use to restore the leather and gain back that nice shiny finish. Here is how you can cover up cat scratch marks on your leather furniture.

You Will Need:

  • Leather Cleaner
  • Leather Repair Touch-Up Kit
  • Liquid Leather Binder
  • Leather Filler
  • Leather Colorant
  • Leather Sealing Finish
  • Sponge
  • Scissors
  • 1200-Grit Sandpaper

Preparing Leather Surface

The first thing you want to do is thoroughly clean the surface of the furniture to remove any grease, dirt, or other things that might interfere with the binders, fillers, colorants, and finishes you are going to apply over the scratched areas. The next step is trimming away all the long loose leather fibers that have been pulled out of the furniture by your cat – short fibers won't interfere with the repair job.

Binders and Fillers

You will want to apply at least 8 coats of a liquid leather binder to the scratched area to help strengthen the leather (If you are going to use a leather repair kit, the binding agent typically comes with it). Apply the binder by pouring it onto a sponge and rubbing it over the damaged area. You should wait until one coat dries before you apply another one. After you have put a thick coat of binder down, you need to sand the surface with 1200-grit sandpaper to make it really smooth. Once the surface is smooth, you will apply the filler. The filler will fill in the scratches and abrasions caused by the cat. You may have to apply more than one coat to fill all the gouges in the leather. Sand the damaged area again to smooth out the surface of the leather after you allowed the filler to dry.

Colorants and Sealers

The next step will be to apply the colorant. You should check with the store that you bought your leather furniture from to help you order a colorant that matches the color of the leather. Apply several coatings of the colorant with a sponge to the leather until the cat marks and your repair job are no longer visible. The last thing you need to do is apply a leather sealer to restore the leather's shiny finish, and you are done.

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