Tips For Packing Furniture For Overseas Shipment

Whether you've been offered a new position in an overseas division of your company, or you just want to start a new chapter in your life by moving to another country, this is an exciting time in your life. Before you make the move, however, there are a lot of things that you have to do to prepare – and packing is high on the priority list.

If you are planning on using your furniture in your new overseas abode, prepping it for the move will be a bit different than if you were moving to the next town or even the next province. The trip will be longer and your items will be transported to their new destination via a freight ship or a freight plane.

In order to ensure that our furniture safely arrives at your new residence, here are some helpful packing tips to keep in mind.

Get Your Containers

Your furnishings will need to be placed in containers in order to be shipped. Wood crates are the most commonly used containers for freight shipping, as they are durable and sturdy. Before acquiring your shipping crates, contact your freight carrier to find out if there are any size and weight restrictions. In order to limit expenses, choose the smallest containers possible, as the less room the containers take up, the less you will be charged.

Prep Wood

If you are shipping wood items, wax them before you pack them. The wax will add a protective layer to the wood, which will help to prevent damage during the move. Apply a liberal amount to ensure maximum protection.

Wrap the Furniture

Wrap your furnishings in protective packaging before you place it into crates. Bubble wrap is an excellent protective material, as it will act as a cushion between the furniture and the crate. Additionally, it is quite durable, so it will withstand the stresses that your packages will endure during the move, and it is lightweight, which means it won't drive up shipping costs.

Pack the Crates

Strategically pack the crates. Place heavier, more durable items on the bottom of the crate and stack lighter weight materials on top. Place foam sheets between each item and between the items and the sides of the crate. The foam will prevent your furnishings from moving, reducing the chance of damage.

Seal the Crates

Once crates are full, place the lids on them. To secure the lids in place, wrap straps around the crates. The straps will ensure that the lids don't move while they are in transit, increasing the protection of your items.

By using these tips, your furnishings will arrive at your new overseas abode safely and will be ready to furnish your new space. 

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